Ukrainian actress starred in the series from Netflix


Ukrainian actress starred in Netflix series

This year episode of the series Jibaro directed by Oscar-winning director Alberto Mielgo was nominated for an Emmy.

Hollywood-Ukrainian actress Alina Smolyar starred in the third season of the Netflix series Love, Death and Robots. The star spoke about this on her Instagram page.

According to the plot, a squad of knights meets an aggressive siren. Of all the soldiers, only one deaf man survives, who is of great interest to the mythical girl.

“It was an unusual shooting for me, but extremely interesting. The development of technology in the film industry, Alberto's idea and director's vision are striking. We immediately found a common language, and the entire filming process took place in record time,” the Ukrainian admitted

According to Smolyar, the image of the Golden Woman was assembled on the basis of folklore from different parts of the world. Thus, the directors wanted to endow her with beauty that dazzles a person.

Earlier it was reported that the song of the Ukrainian singer alyona alyona became the soundtrack of the teen series Dangerous Liaisons from Netflix.


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