Ukrainian forces capture Kupiansk | War in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian forces seize Kupiansk | War in Ukraine

Two Ukrainian soldiers are worried about a Russian drone flying over the debris-strewn road near Kupyansk on Saturday, September 24.

Ukrainian forces have regained control of the entire northeastern city of Kupyansk, driving Russian troops from their positions on the eastern bank of the Oskil River, AFP journalists found on Thursday.

A good part of this railway junction had been taken back from the Russians at the beginning of September thanks to the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region. But Moscow's troops were still holding out across the bank, taking part in artillery duels as civilians fled the fighting trying to cross over to the Ukrainian side.

On Thursday, Ukrainian firefighters and volunteers delivered a first batch of humanitarian aid there, crossing an intact pedestrian crossing connecting the two banks of the Oskil River.

Members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have regained control of the entire northeastern city of Kupyansk.

This will be the first humanitarian aid distribution on the other side, Kupyansk military administrator Andriy Kanashevich said as 2,000 British-supplied food parcels were distributed.

Mortar fire rang out intermittently, but on the eastern bank, Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles were visible passing destroyed trucks bearing the letter “Z”, a sign of recognition of Russian forces.< /p>

A cloud of black smoke is visible above the Oskil, the river that separates the bank west controlled by Ukrainian forces, from the eastern bank, disputed with Russian forces, in the Kharkiv region.

AFP journalists saw five corpses in military fatigues, possibly soldiers from Moscow, lying near broken down vehicles bearing Russian markings.

< p class="e-p">In the industrial suburb of Kupyansk-Vuzloviy on the east bank of the Oskil, five kilometers further south, residents say the Russians left as early as Tuesday.

< p class="e-p">On Thursday, an armored personnel carrier and a platoon of Ukrainian soldiers were in front of the district cultural center, and at least two tanks were moving through the area.

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