“Ukrainian people inspire the whole world”: Biden appreciated the meeting with Zelensky (video)

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  • «Ukrainian people inspires the whole world

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The American leader noted that it was a great honor for him to receive Zelensky at the White House.

Related video < p>US President Joe Biden posted a Twitter post containing a short video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to the United States. In a comment, the head of the White House wrote that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people inspire not the Americans, but the whole world.

“Ukraine and the Ukrainian people inspire not only us – they inspire the whole world. It was an honor for me to receive President Zelensky in the White House,” Biden wrote.

Zelensky summed up the results of his visit to the United States

Ukrainian President, summing up his visit to the United States, announced the good results of the trip. Zelensky noted that Ukraine would receive financial support, and also spoke about other agreements with Washington, which will be discussed later.

“When we say “patriots” in Ukraine and in the United States, we equally mean the protection of the state and people. This issue has been resolved for Ukraine. There is also financial support,” the head of state said.

The President also personally thanked Biden for his international leadership, as well as the US Congress for supporting Ukraine.

“Thank you to the Congress of the United States of America – both chambers, both parties, everyone who supports Ukraine, everyone who wants victory as much as all of us. There will be victory!” — summed up the Ukrainian leader.

Upon the arrival of the Ukrainian President, Biden, together with his wife, met the distinguished guest at the White House. During the meeting, Zelensky presented the American President with the Military Merit Cross, expressing gratitude to him and the entire American people for supporting Ukraine.

After a personal conversation with Biden, the Ukrainian president addressed the US Congress. During his speech, Zelensky noted that the Americans were able to unite the international community in the fight against the Russian aggressor.