Home News Ukrainian wheat: what Emmanuel Macron and Macky Sall said to each other

Ukrainian wheat: what Emmanuel Macron and Macky Sall said to each other

How to exfiltrate Ukrainian wheat detained in the port of Odessa? Despite the trip to Moscow by the president of the African Union, the discussions are slipping.

Ukrainian wheat: what Emmanuel Macron and Macky Sall said to each other

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The more the days pass, the less the unblocking of the port of Odessa and the Ukrainian grain stored there seems within reach. For the time being, the laudable efforts of the UN to find solutions are not bearing fruit, no more than the Turkish mediation. There should be a modicum of trust between the belligerents; distrust is everywhere and we can understand it… It is in this context that President Macron spoke on Thursday with Volodymyr Zelensky and, this Friday, May 10, with Senegalese President Macky Sall, back from Moscow, where he advocated to Vladimir Putin the cause of Africans threatened with starvation.

Reciprocal distrust

If, officially, President Putin says he has no problem releasing wheat from the huge stocks at the port of Odessa (22 million tonnes), he is for the moment setting “unacceptable” conditions, according to an Elysian source. Putin wants to be able to ensure that the commercial ships which would enter the port of Odessa to load the cereals do not take the opportunity to deliver weapons to the Ukrainians. But the principle of Russian inspections in Ukrainian territorial waters is rejected in the name of sovereignty, both by Ukraine and by the allies. On the other hand, inspections could be carried out by UN agents who would act as trusted third parties here.

Several other issues were discussed between Macky Sall, Emmanuel Macron and President Zelensky: first, the demining of the port of Odessa by the Ukrainians or at least a mapping of the mines so that the bulk carriers avoid the explosives. If the port of Odessa is demined, the Russians should not take advantage of it to attack Ukrainians from then on in the open… Can Zelensky really trust Putin, who refuses to negotiate with him and still calling himself a nazi? The answer is in the question.

Putin proposes “safety corridors” for Ukrainian wheat

Moreover, the Russian president has proposed another equally dubious path. “He also proposed other schemes that may not be of interest to Ukraine, such as crossing the Danube or Belarus and even through Mariupol, where Putin has also pledged to put in place secure corridors “, revealed Macky Sall in an interview with Figaro.

Anyway, we have to find the boats that will dare to venture there. For the moment, “they are not available”, indicates the Élysée, which also underlines the difficulty of finding insurance companies ready to take the risk of insuring carrier ships in this war zone. Finally, if by a happy conjunction, all the previous obstacles were removed, it would also be necessary to ensure that the wheat extracted from Odessa is not sold to the highest bidders, but to the populations most exposed to shortages and at affordable prices. . “That is the meaning of the FARM Initiative (Food and Agriculture Resilience Mission), which we launched on the sidelines of the G7 meeting and the NATO summit. […] On these points, Macky Sall was quite receptive, we say at the Elysée. What interests President Macron in his contacts with each other is to lay the foundations for joint action that meets everyone's needs both in terms of security and in terms of international solidarity in order to be able to manage the effects of this crisis. »

War of the stories

“It is not true that the sanctions prevent the export of cereals from Odessa”, retorts one at the Elysee. During the last European Council, the European Union had already recalled that it did not sanction Russian food products or fertilizers. Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, had not taken a thousand detours to express her exasperation: “We should repeat again and again this: Russia is not only blocking Ukrainian wheat exports, it is deliberately bombing the warehouses where the wheat is stored and it mines the fields where Ukraine could get the next corn crop. I want to be very clear: we have not taken any sanctions on food and agricultural products. Another important thing: if we talk about fertilizers, third countries have access to all the fertilizers coming from Russia. »

Ukrainian wheat at Elmau G7 summit

It is true, on the other hand, that the EU has sanctioned potash and potassium chloride from Belarus, one of the three main chemical fertilizers used in commercial fertilizers (along with nitrogen and phosphate). Belarus yes, but not Russia.

However, President Macky Sall claims that European sanctions on the Russian banking system are causing problems with payments for Russian cereals… The Europeans promised, during the last Council European, to take this problem into account. “The war caused the problems, but the sanctions made them worse,” concludes Macky Sall, who tries not to get into the narrative war between Westerners and Russians. […] We don't ask for help because we pay. What we are asking for is a mechanism, like for gas and oil, so that we can receive the products we need. The subject will be one of the main themes of the G7 summit at the Château d'Elmau (under German presidency), from 26 to 28, to which President Macky Sall is invited.

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