Umbrella Academy: season 3, long live the family! [VERDICT]


Umbrella Academy: Season 3, long live the family! [VERDICT]

The time-traveling superpower fantasy series pushes the family drama sliders into its third season. Available on Netflix. Attention, spoilers…

From its first season, in 2019, Umbrella Academyhas been eyeing entertainment à la X-Menbis. The story of a handful of superheroes who were raised in a special school for children with special gifts. The difference with the mutants of Marvel? A tone sometimes darker, sometimes more uninhibited, characters pouring towards antiheroes with flaws rather than paragons of virtues. But the similarity between the students of Professor X and the residents of the Umbrella academy: the surrogate family.

In the first two seasons, and more than ever in this new and third season currently airing on Netflix, family is the heart of the series. Not the time travels, not the fight against the forces of evil, not the danger that the Apocalypse entails. No, it is the family that is deciphered from every angle. Sibling rivalries, the oedipal complex, the absence of the mother, the place in the middle… A bit like in Greek tragedies but especially in any American sitcom of the 90s. Umbrella Academy, it's a bit The House Party boosted with Malcolm meets X-Men.

We are family!

In this season 3, family ties supplant the starting story. The Hargreeves discover the existence of another academy, the Sparrow, in an alternate universe.It is the whole family pattern that is called into question and then twisted. Each member meets a hidden “half-brother” or “half-sister”, Klaus goes in search of his biological mother, Diego learns that he had an illegitimate son, Allison has “lost” her daughter in an alternate reality. Despite the ups & down, the members of the Umbrella “family” remain more united than ever in the face of adversity. Including facing the image of an all-powerful tyrannical father. Umbrella Academy peels away from its Kick Ass-style semi-profile superhero image to finally push the family drama sliders in its third season strong>. And the complicated relationships between the different members, the substitution of blood ties, are ultimately much more interesting than the assassination of Kennedy or yet another earthly Apocalypse.