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"Un cry

The captain had left his song a recording before his death, taken and reworked; by his traveling companions. Listen to “Un cri”, pure Johnny Hallyday.

A new song from Johnny, six years after his death. This is not a blow from artificial intelligence, but on the contrary, the work of a relentless team which ended up paying off. In 2017, during the sessions for his final studio album à Los Angeles, a song called "Un Cri", had been released in Los Angeles. abandoned to the time. She was then  é reworked by Yodélice, at the origin of the title, and is now available on various music platforms.

Johnny Hallyday's widow, Laeticia, described this song as “the latest unreleased” song. of the singer, making it clear that there would be no other. Six years after the death of the legendary singer, this piece re-emerges from the archives and has been released. Summer broadcast this Thursday, November 16 at 1:40 p.m., just before the release of a compilation called Made in Rock'n Roll, scheduled for Friday.

Originally recorded in 2017  Los Angeles during the sessions for the album 'My country, it's love', this song was released in Los Angeles. setting aside because she looked too much like her other tracks from the album, according to Yodélice, Johnny Hallyday's close collaborator.

Yodélice revealed This song was forgotten last January, after it was released. found in the archives by Antoine Gouiffes-Yan, of Parlophone, with the approval of Laeticia. The song, initially a “traditional blues”, was released in 2008. rearranged with electric elements, gospel tambourines and brass instruments.

Vincent Jacob, French musician established in Paris. Los Angeles, member of the rock group Yard of Blondes and music teacher of Johnny and Laeticia's daughters, Jade and Joy, has signed the lyrics of this rediscovered song.

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