UN: Palestinians lose $ 2.5 billion a year because of the Israeli occupation (PHOTO)

ООН: Палестинцы теряют 2,5 млрд долларов в год из-за израильской оккупации (ФОТО)

Because of the occupation by Israel of Palestinian territories, economy of the Palestinian national authority (PNA), according to the UN, loses in the past two decades, more than $ 2.5 billion a year. The total losses of the Palestinian authority from 2000 to 2017 amount to 47.7 billion dollars, says the report of the UN Conference on trade and development (UNCTAD), presented on Monday, 2 December, in Ramallah.

Included in this amount is $ 28 billion is not received by the Palestinians in interest income and $ 6.6 billion of lost tax revenues, specified in the document.

The budget deficit of the Palestinian authority, amounts to 17.7 billion dollars, writes DW.

The UN experts also believe that if it lost because of the occupation money was invested in the economy of the Palestinian authority, to date, it would create 2 million jobs (an average of 111 thousand jobs per year).

Israel took control of the West Bank of the Jordan river, East Jerusalem and Syria owned the Golan heights during the six day war of 1967.

The UN considers these regions occupied. And the authorities of the PNA to include the West Bank and East Jerusalem part of a future Palestinian state. In the occupied territories are currently home to more than 600 thousand Jewish settlers.

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