UN: Rape is Russia's military strategy

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UN: Rape is Russia's military strategy

that “there are all indications” that the Russian Federation is using rape as a weapon.

The Russian military in Ukraine often engages in sexual violence, and this is part of Russia's “military strategy”. Pramila Patten, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflicts, said this, Voice of America reports.

So, answering the question whether rape is used as a weapon during the war in Ukraine, Patten noted: “There there are all signs of this.”

“When women are held all day and raped, when little boys and men are raped, when you see genital cuttings, when you hear women testify about Russian soldiers who have Viagra is clearly a military strategy… And when the victims tell what was said (by the Russian military – ed.) during the rape, this is clearly a targeted tactic to dehumanize the victim, “said the UN representative.

According to her, according to the testimony collected, the age of victims of sexual violence ranges from 4 to 82 years. The victims are mostly women and girls, but the captors also rape men and boys.

In late September, the UN released a report that confirmed “over a hundred cases” of rape or sexual violence in Ukraine since the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of this year.

Earlier, social networks reported that “Kadyrovtsy” raped mobilized men in the “DNR”.

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