Under pressure from all sides: Lukashenko revealed Putin’s plan to seize Belarus

Давят со всех сторон: Лукашенко раскрыл план Путина по захвату Беларуси

Citizens of Belarus will never agree to the entry of his country in Russia. The President Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with the staff of the Svetlogorsk cardboard mill 14 Feb. We will remind, earlier the Ministry of justice of Belarus has even offered to “deducibility” coat of arms of the country.

He admitted that he felt a lot of pressure from Moscow both in political and economic spheres.

“We are told that we are different countries hint that it is necessary to have one country. And how can you have one country with Russia?”, — outraged Lukashenko, quoted by state news Agency BelTA.

Lukashenko noted that Russia forbids to show products at trade shows.

“Already saying: join Russia, then we will deliver the parts, then there will be other prices of oil and gas. And will there be more? — he doubted it. — That is the question. Not that I don’t make agreements”, — he said.

According to Lukashenko, he receives letters from many Russians, it may save money from the integration, which is see as a takeover.

He also rejected the version about the fact that Vladimir Putin wants to stay in power due to the accession of Belarus, noting that even if such ideas were, in Minsk, they would not be allowed, as they value their independence.

“The question of independence is not only to live well. Maybe worse we will live. Won’t — don’t worry. Gone are the days. But we live on their land, their mind, we will be electing their presidents to form a government and will create the conditions for our people. We will never urge, we will conduct our foreign and domestic policy, but not to the detriment of our neighbours and not to the detriment of native Russians”, — put an end the President of Belarus.

We will remind, earlier Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon noticed the deterioration of relations between the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. And the military did not rule out that Belarus may become one of Russian bridgehead for the invasion of Russian troops in our country.

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