Understand at a glance: 4 signs that you cannot swim in a reservoir


July 18, 2022, 09:08 | In the world

How to determine at first glance whether a lake or pond is suitable for swimming.

Understand at a glance: 4 signs that you can't swim in the reservoir

It is difficult to find a person who would contemptuously answer “fe” on the offer to bathe in hot weather. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most popular reservoirs among the population can be dangerous. Here are some signs that the water in a river, lake or quarry is unsuitable for swimming, at least for human swimming, informs Ukr.Media.

Industrial enterprises next door

The presence of industrial enterprises near a reservoir is not the best indicator of water purity. It is possible that various wastes, capable of causing health problems, are poured into the water from plants and factories. Swimming in a body of water contaminated with waste can cause severe allergies or poisoning.

Domestic animals

Small ponds, especially in villages, often become a watering hole for horses, cows and small cattle. Water in such quarries and lakes can be contaminated with parasites and bacteria carried by these animals. Therefore, if you notice hoof marks or manure near the pond, it is better to find another place to swim. Also, do not allow your animals to swim in such a place, as they can also pick up an infection or parasites.

Cars are washed or washed in the water

Despite the large number of modern car washes and washing machines, some people still wash clothes and wash cars in water bodies. If you notice such manual workers near the lake, swim as far as possible from the place where they washed the car or did laundry, or don't swim at all. Because chemicals and bacteria can be found in the water.

So-so lifeguard

First of all, lifeguards are needed on the beach to save drowning people, and not sit on the phone or brag about your toned figure in front of vacationers. If there is a lifeguard sitting next to the body of water where you decided to swim, who is completely oblivious to what is happening in the water and on the beach, swim and dive with great care. And if there is a desire, politely remind him of his duties.


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