Unexpected action by Magda Gessler. She hasn't treated anyone like this yet

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Magda Gessler made a surprise to the owner of the restaurant participating in “Kitchen Revolutions”.

Unexpected action by Magda Gessler. She has never treated anyone like this before

Portal “Gossip” reports that in one of the last episodes of “Kitchen Revolutions” there was a completely unexpected situation, which surprised the participant and the viewer in the program.

Magda Gessler visited this time ” Bistro under the cover “in Szczecin, run for six years by a married couple, Agnieszka and Marek. The couple dreamed of a greater success for their premises and attracting new customers.

The place itself was not the only problem noticed by the TVN star. The famous restaurateur noticed that the owner was very tired and because of the sheer volume of duties, she had no time for herself, which was also reflected in her neglected appearance.

& ldquo; I don't remember how this is when someone takes care of me & rdquo; – confessed Agnieszka.

Magda Gessler decided to give her a metamorphosis and took her to a beauty salon. There, specialists made her a new hairstyle, make-up and took care of styling matching her. Even her relatives were surprised by this variant.

In the restaurant itself, of course, there were also positive changes. Unfortunately, in the case of the owner, the Magda Gessler effect did not last too long. After a few weeks, when the TVN star visited the restaurant in Szczecin, Agnieszka again returned to her previous habit and forgot to take care of herself, which clearly irritated Magda Gessler.

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