Unexpectedly: Potap was a school teacher Santa Dimopulos

Now Potap is one of the most successful Ukrainian producers and part-time musician, and even 20 years ago, his life was closely associated with the sport. Then Alex Potapenko reached the rank of master of sports in water Polo and taught physical education in one of Kiev schools.

Неожиданно: Потап был школьным учителем физкультуры Санты Димопулос

In his recent interview with Flow Potapov said that the physical education teacher worked in the 136th school, who is on Rusanovka.

Among the disciples of Potapov — the former participant of the band VIA Gra Santa Dimopulos. Then she was in ninth grade.

Me and they wanted to beat! It’s Rusanivka, man. God forbid you take care of a girl from another school. What is the practice of physical education teachers: come and teach at the first, third, fifth, ninth, and eleventh grades. In ninth grade, for example, studied Santa Dimopoulos. She was the most beautiful girl. And I was 19. I looked at her and her classmates approach me after class: “one More time I’ll look at her, we will kill you”. I had to talk to them differently. I, too, Rusanivka!

said the producer.

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