Unload the body: lemon diet

To conduct cleaning unloading of the body, get the metabolism and get rid of several extra pounds, is to sit on a lemon diet.

Разгружаем организм: лимонная диета

In order to cleanse the body from harmful substances and lose a couple of extra pounds you can try detox on the lemons is a simple and fairly nutritious way to cleanse your body.

While lemon diet absolutely does not imply that you have to eat only acidic citrus. Have lemon diet is actually quite extensive and varied menu. But there are two main rules should be completely removed from the diet of simple carbohydrates and eat a half of a lemon or drink a little lemon juice with each meal.

Detox for lemons is not a quick diet that will promise a record weight loss in a short time. If you strictly adhere to all rules of this diet, for a month you can lose about 5-7 pounds. But to turn a detox on the lemons in the permanent way of eating and not worth it.

So, why have to give up lemon diet? Primarily, these are products that contain simple carbohydrates such as sugar, flour products, sweets, sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, watermelon). Also at this time will have to forget about fatty foods, including red meat, bacon and ham.

Food intake should be divided into 4-5 times a day and try to plan the diet so that it was small portions. Not to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach, you can add it to food: pour lemon meat or fish to add as a dressing to salads.

Well at this time to actively drink tea only with lemon. And the morning is good to start with a glass of warm water with lemon juice or a slice of lemon.

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