Unobvious facts why you can't get rich


February 3, 2022, 17:35 | Business

There are three reasons why you still haven't gotten rich.

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Even the "middle class" sometimes they are not satisfied with their current financial situation, and that is why many people dream of getting rich. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it, and we found out why: there are three non-obvious reasons why you are still not rich, informs Ukr.Media.

Even those who seem to be satisfied with the current level of income dream of becoming rich one day: interest in a beautiful life and other charms available only to rich people are periodically fueled by TV shows and beautiful photos on social networks. And there is nothing shameful in improving the level and quality of life, no matter what the envious and moralists say. Unfortunately, in trying to achieve financial stability and independence, most people make many fatal mistakes that prevent them from achieving what they want.

The first reason: you are afraid to manage money

The fear of managing money, big or small, often originates in childhood. Many of us were instilled by our parents that the one who has a lot of money is necessarily a dishonest person who made money by deceiving other people. After such information, many people begin to believe that being wealthy, having a lot of money is an unnecessary excess, and already at a more mature age they subconsciously avoid money, trying to get rid of it as soon as it appears.

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"Salary" day, and on the way home a fashionable glove worth a third of your monthly income caught your eye? Let's take it! Do you need to upgrade your laptop, the cheap models are not impressive, you like the expensive ones, but you don't have enough money for them? Spit, let's take a loan!

Of course, such a tactic cannot lead to anything good: thanks to it, the already modest budget is blown away in a very short time. The fear of managing money, the desire to get rid of it as soon as possible will not be able to help you get rich: most likely, this way you will achieve the opposite effect. Misallocated money can even make you go into debt or take out a loan, which you definitely don't need to do.

Reason two: you hate rich people

Many people consciously hate the rich: they say, a thief is solid, it is not clear why they got rich, they are crazy about fat, and a simple person sometimes does not have enough even for the most necessary things. Of course, it makes no sense to deny that some people today have quite a lot of problems with money: unfortunately, the problem of poverty is still not solved.

Despite this, it is definitely not worth hating rich people and money along with them: this way you will only worsen your situation. Such an attitude is absolutely not suitable even for simply improving one's financial situation – we are not talking about getting rich, of course. When you feel negative emotions about money, you have every chance to get rid of the motivation that could make you work to become richer. Lazy people cannot get rich: in order to achieve at least something, you will have to make a lot of effort.

The third reason: you dream a lot

There is a category of people who do not condemn money, wealth and the rich at all and even dream of something similar themselves, but unfortunately, everything is limited by dreams. Professional builders of castles in the air do not believe that wealth must be earned or earned: on the contrary, they believe that all you need to do is wait for "lady luck" deign to return to face them. Such figures devote the bulk of their free time to dreams that will never come true. Despite the fact that it is useful to dream, it is not worth doing it 24 hours a day: there is a big risk of never achieving what you set out to do.

As you can see, the reasons why you cannot get rich are not always obvious – for example, bad luck with work , it is not possible to manage one's own business and so on. In some cases, the causes of poverty are completely different, at first glance, not even directly related to money.


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