Unobvious habits that prevent you from getting rich – check if you have them


May 9, 2022, 11:03 | Business

The stigma of poverty.

Unobvious habits that prevent you from getting rich — check if they are in you

Financial well-being is built not only on the ability to multiply capital, but also on the ability to understand one's needs and know how to account for money. There are a lot of examples when lucky people who received unheard of sums, after some time were left without money, not even remembering where the whole fortune went. And this is a widespread trend rather than a single case, informs Ukr.Media.

In this matter, everything depends on a person's financial literacy, his attitude to money and how the system of earning and accounting for money is built. At the same time, we may not attach importance to existing financial habits, but they are the ones that affect the lack of desired well-being.

Life is not about money

The habit of living without a salary is one of the signs of the inability to plan one's expenses, as well as to understand one's needs. Naturally, money will not be enough if your wishes and expenses exceed the amount of income. It is important to determine which expenses are priority and what part of your income goes to cover them. If there is a clear advantage, it is necessary to review the existing costs in a downward direction (for example, at the expense of goods or services of secondary importance).

Uncontrollable costs

When you take things without looking at the price tags, throw everything in the basket indiscriminately, and suddenly run out of money in the middle of the month, it means that you are prone to uncontrollable spending. Money loves a bill, and these are not empty words. When you plan a budget, you always know how much you can spend, based on the level of your income and expenses – unplanned expenses and overspending in this case cannot happen, on the contrary, it will be possible to postpone it.

Reckless purchases

They are also called impulsive. They were not in your plans, but suddenly you wanted another gadget, a new dress or jewelry so strongly and urgently that the amount planned for the month decreased considerably. Such expenses always lead to overspending and, as a result, serious savings or loans.


Some of us gradually & #34; fit up" for easy money, which will still have to be paid in the future, albeit with interest. The habit of regularly taking loans and borrowing money means that you are managing your budget incorrectly. Either revise your desires, or learn to live with what is. If we are talking about big purchases, yes, the loan can be justified (if, of course, you have calculated everything and it will not hit your pocket). But if living on credit is a way of life, in this case you will definitely not be able to get rich.

It is necessary to learn financial literacy from a young age and teach it to your children in order to live within your means and plan a budget according to your needs and capabilities. .


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