Unobvious habits that will destroy your career


June 4, 2022, 5:03 p.m. | Business

Even the manner of communication with colleagues can play a bad joke.

Unobvious Habits That Will Ruin Your Career

What can harm a career from our everyday habits, except laziness, lateness and failure to meet deadlines? It turned out that even the manner of communication with colleagues can play a bad joke, informs Ukr.Media.

Gossip about superiors

< p>You should always keep in mind that gossip about superiors will never go unnoticed.

In abusive and unfair situations or after meetings with superiors where you were marked as not the best employee, it is quite natural to discuss it with a colleague-friend. However, you should always keep in mind that gossip about superiors will never go unnoticed. Your menacing and indignant whispers (or even screams) will surely reach someone else's ear. This means that the management will know that you criticized him. Such a development threatens the collapse of even a successful career. And in no case should you gossip and discuss bosses in correspondence – such information instantly becomes the property of the public.

Failure to observe the framework in business correspondence

The use of diminutive and caressing prefixes in words, profanity or ordinary emoticons — all this should be left for personal communication, not for business correspondence. Psychologists emphasize: the use of emojis in work letters will not show you as a good-natured and sociable colleague, but it can make partners doubt the seriousness of your company's intentions. For business people, abusing emoticons is a sign of familiarity and open disrespect.

Flirting with colleagues

In many companies, office romances and flirting between colleagues are strictly prohibited.

A bad habit that can easily destroy a career. Some often confuse friendliness and flirting, crossing the line of what is allowed. In many companies, such close communication between colleagues is prohibited. It is clear why. People will constantly float in the clouds, spread gossip, flirt or figure out relationships instead of productively solving work issues. Flirting and office romances will definitely cause a negative attitude towards you from the management, and it is also extremely unprofessional.


Unbelievable, but a fact! Psychologists and a large number of interviewed workers have proven that excessive workaholism and constant work will only negatively affect the career. This is due primarily to banal burnout. In addition, by working almost constantly, you will deprive yourself and your brain of the necessary rest and the ability to switch tasks. This is where problems with creativity and retention of useful skills will begin. Because you, like a robot, will solve questions automatically.

Sarcasm in communication with colleagues or in correspondence

< p>Using sarcasm in communication or business correspondence, you seem to elevate yourself above the interlocutor.

Sarcasm may be appropriate in communication with friends or relatives, but not with colleagues. By using sarcasm in communication, you seem to elevate yourself above the interlocutor. Who would like that? And if you resort to jokes in business correspondence, trying to defuse the situation, there is a risk of offending a colleague. For example, a person may simply ignore the sarcasm in your words and take the blame at his own expense. And this already threatens interpersonal conflict.

Alcohol abuse at corporate parties

The way you behaved when you were #39;known, will definitely remain in the memory of colleagues in the department or even top management.

Corporates are wonderful. They help not only to relax and rest, but also to strengthen relations with colleagues or to get to know them at all, if the company has many employees. However, it is worth remembering that alcohol is tasty, but insidious. Your behavior under a glass will definitely remain in the memory of colleagues or even higher management, if you are not lucky at all. Which can have a strong impact on your career.


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