“Unreliable partner”: Moldova will sue the Russian “Gazprom” for non-fulfillment of the contract

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According to Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, the concern has provoked an energy crisis in the country by reducing gas supplies. In Russia, the supply disruption is explained by “technical problems” due to transit through Ukraine.

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The Moldovan authorities are preparing to sue the Russian concern Gazprom and accuse it of provoking an energy crisis in the country. Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu spoke about this in an interview with the German edition of Deutsche Welle.

Since October 1, Gazprom has reduced the volume of gas supplied to Moldova by 30% to 5.7 million cubic meters. m per day with a demand of 8.06 million cubic meters. The concern explained this by “technical problems” related to the restriction of transit through Ukraine.

According to Spinu, Gazprom is to blame for the fact that Chisinau is forced to buy gas and electricity on the international market today.

According to the representative of the Moldovan government, lawyers are already preparing the details of the appeal.

“If today the concern fulfilled its contractual obligations with Moldova, the energy crisis would disappear, and everyone would have gas and energy. Gazprom is to blame for the fact that we are forced to buy gas and electricity on the [international] market, and our lawyers are already sorting out these details in order to sue the Russian concern for non-performance of the contract,” the politician commented.

He noted that the Moldovan authorities, trying to cover all domestic gas needs, are forced to take loans and redirect funds from various budget items to purchase gas. Therefore, Chisinau will demand compensation from the Russian concern.

“We signed the contract and counted on Gazprom, he did not offer to revise or break it. Also, the concern did not offer to reduce the volume of deliveries,” says Spinu.< /p>

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the gas production monopoly from Russia has become an unreliable partner.

“They cannot demand that we pay for gas for Transnistria. No one in Chisinau will ever agree to this and we have a contract. We paid everything,” he added.

In addition, Spinu believes that Moldova has a “sovereign right” to store gas purchased from Russians in Ukraine's storage facilities.

” We can store the purchased gas anywhere. It is not for Putin to tell us,” the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

Currently, Chisinau intends to cover the gas deficit that formed in December at the expense of the reserves that the country has pumped into the gas transmission systems Ukraine and Romania. This is about 200 million cubic meters. m of gas, such volumes should be enough for one winter month of consumption.