Unusual! Corpse revives in the morgue, after being 7 hours dead

Unusual! Corpse revives in the morgue, after being 7 hours dead

After being declared dead, a relative was surprised in the morgue when they found the hot body.

 & iexcl; Unusual! Cad & aacute; ver revives en la morgue, after being dead for 7 hours

A man was revived in the morgue and caused terror in India. Source: (Telemundo) Written in TRENDS on 2021/11/25 & middot; 22:52 hs

A man revived & nbsp; in the morgue and left & nbsp; millions of people scared, because the patient had been declared dead 7 hours before by a group of doctors. One of the relatives & nbsp; was the one who & nbsp; got the big surprise, given & nbsp; that he was hot and breathing. How scary!

In the last hours, the Indian media told the story of Sreekesh Kumar, a 40-year-old Indian citizen, who had been hit by a motorcycle in the outskirts of the city of New Delhi and had allegedly passed away.

 & iexcl; Unusual! Corpse revives in the morgue, after being 7 hours dead

During the examination of the corpse, they discovered that he was alive. Source: (Semana)

However, when the & nbsp; recognition of the body of the supposed deceased was carried out, one of the relatives found that the man who was in the morgue was alive, since he was still breathing, a fact that It caused a great fright among family members and & nbsp; friends.

“After doing an examination, we checked that there were no vital signs and confirmed death,” explained doctor Shiv Singh.

 Unusual! Corpse revives in the morgue, after being dead for 7 hours

The man was found alive. Source: (sdpnoticias)

Man revives in a morgue in India

It turns out that the man who was run over was found without vital signs at the time of being transferred to the hospital where he was treated, after being badly injured by the impact of the motorcycle. & nbsp; It really is & nbsp; a very strange situation & nbsp; the one that Kumar's organism went through, as he had only put the functions of his organs on pause.

“I touched his cheeks and spoke to him . To my happiness and horror, it was hot, “said the relative of the patient who was revived in the morgue, who also explained that they will initiate a legal process against the institution and the doctors, for alleged negligence and false diagnoses.

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