Unusual ways of using an iron, which not everyone is destined to come up with


    July 19, 2022, 12:38 | Science and technology

    Alternative methods of using an iron at home.

    Unusual ways of using an iron, which are not everyone is destined to come up with ideas

    Did you know that an iron can be used not only for ironing clothes?

    Here are 7 alternative and at the same time original ways of using an iron, informs Ukr.Media.


    You don't need to buy an expensive laminating machine that most of the time just gathers dust in the closet. Use a regular iron for lamination!

    Place the paper you want to laminate in a laminating film, cover with a towel and turn the iron on to maximum.

    Strike it several times over the laminate film with strong pressure . Turn the paper over and do the same on the other side.

    Remove dents and dents in the wood

    If you want to update your wooden furniture a little, then an iron is also a good option. Moisten the hole with a damp cloth and place a wet towel on it.

    Turn the iron on to maximum and run it in circular motions along the upper part of the recess. This will greatly reduce the damage to the wood.

    Remove the wax

    Set the iron on low heat, place a paper towel over the stain and iron on it in circular motions so that the paper absorbs all the wax.

    Prepare scrambled eggs

    It's a bit presumptuous advice, but it also has its place. If you want to cook scrambled eggs, but there is no heat source nearby, then you can turn on the iron to maximum heat, put a frying pan on top and cook a very tasty dish.

    Remove marks from furniture on carpets

    Place a damp towel over the dent, press a heated iron on top and quickly run it back and forth across the towel.

    Then remove the towel and brush the carpet , to raise the pile.

    Attach the sticker

    Apply glue to the back of the sticker, put aluminum foil on top, take an iron and set it to low temperature.

    Then press firmly to the desired area for about 10 seconds.

    Close the frozen package

    Express as much air as possible from the bag and place aluminum foil on the part of the package you want to seal (both sides).

    Press firmly with the iron and hold for 15-20 seconds.


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