Unusual ways to clean a glass cooking surface without scratches


    July 24, 2022, 10:32 | Science and technology

    So that dirt does not leave a trace.

    Unusual ways to clean a glass hob without scratches

    A glass cooking surface is good for everyone, as long as you don't have to wash it. Washing the stove from grease is half the trouble, informs Ukr.Media.

    The fun begins when you have to wipe off the remains of detergents. This is where the glossy surface reveals all its features.

    Let's tell you how to wash a glass cooking surface, without separation and scratches in unusual ways.

    Glass cleaner

    This tool also effectively copes with grease, as well as with dirt on the glass. If more serious soot or soot has appeared on the stove, then the product is unlikely to get rid of these traces of cooking.

    However, it can be used after cleaning with professional means, in order to return the surface to shine and shine.

    Tablets for dishwashers

    These tablets dissolve almost any fat, but they will have to be dissolved in warm water first.

    The finished concentrated solution should be distributed over the surface, and then wipe the dirt with a sponge or napkin. In the end, the stove should be wiped dry with a clean, soft cloth.


    You can even not add soda. Vinegar perfectly copes with pollution, but you will have to make a little effort.

    Remains of acid are wiped with a clean napkin. There are almost no divorces left after vinegar.


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