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Up to 70% off pCloud Lifetime Plans for National Day!

PUBLI-INFO. To celebrate the National Day, pCloud is offering an exclusive offer with discounts of up to 100%. 70% on its plans à life. Discover the benefits of these offers and how pCloud is positioning itself as a leader in online storage.

Online storage has become a necessity. in our current digital world. Whether for professional or personal reasons, having an online storage service offers practicality. unrivaled. Users can access their files from any device, anywhere, making it easier to manage data and collaborate across borders. distance. Additionally, online storage services often offer additional features, such as secure file sharing, automatic backup and instant synchronization, making their increasingly common and essential use in our hyperconnected daily lives. 

Only problem: online storage solutions are sometimes expensive. But good news, from July 8 to 16, pCloud, the cloud-based online storage service. in Switzerland, celebrates the National Day with an exceptional promotion. During this period, benefit from exceptional discounts on our plans. life:

  • 70% discount on 1 TB + pCloud Encryption &agrave plan life, passing à 199 €.
  • 66% discount on 2 TB + pCloud Encryption &agrave plan life, passing à 279 €.
  • 58% discount on 10 TB + pCloud Encryption &agrave plan life, passing à 890 €.

Each plan à life purchased includes free pCloud Encryption & life, a side-by-side encryption solution customer to protect your sensitive data.

Discover the pCloud offers for the National Day

pCloud: a trusted online storage service

Background In Switzerland, pCloud has become a major player in the field of online storage, with more than 20 million users worldwide. worldwide. The service stands out for its security. reinforced and flexible, offering a solution suitable for both individuals and businesses.

pCloud has two strategically located data centers in the United States and Luxembourg, ensuring redundancy and security ;eacute; optimal data analysis. This infrastructure allows à pCloud to provide a reliable and efficient service à its users.

By subscribing to a plan à pCloud life, you benefit from online storage compatible with several operating systems, including MacOS, Windows and Linux, which offers a desktop application called pCloud Drive. This virtual disk simplifies data management and allows you to increase device storage without requiring additional hardware. Mobile apps for Android and iOS offer an automatic download function, freeing up space on your smartphone. Instant synchronization between devices ensures smooth and fast access to your device. your files, where whatever you are.

pCloud makes collaboration easy with its multiple sharing options, including sharing links, invitations & files and requests for archives. These features are available to pCloud users and non-users, making collaboration more accessible and efficient. Accessible from any device and anywhere, pCloud guarantees flexibility. maximum &agrav; its users. Whether for personal or professional use, pCloud meets your needs. all storage and file sharing needs.

For entertainment lovers, pCloud offers a built-in audio and video player. This functionality allows you to stream content and create playlists directly from your storage space, without having to download the content directly from your storage space. download the files.

pCloud Encryption: secure security maximum for your data

With the plans à pCloud life, you benefit from pCloud Encryption, an advanced security solution. advanced to protect your sensitive data. This functionality uses side-by-side encryption client, which means your files are encrypted before they even leave your device. So, no one can access your account. your information without your authorization. 

pCloud applies a privacy policy Zero knowledge, ensuring that the encryption keys remain exclusively in your hands. This approach ensures maximum protection against unauthorized access. With pCloud Encryption, your files stay safe and secure. on your device, providing peace of mind complete mindfulness regarding the confidentiality of your data. 

Whether it's for business documents, personal photos or sensitive information, pCloud Encryption is designed to provide secure security. unrivaled. This functionality is particularly valuable for users with privacy requirements. high, making pCloud a reliable and secure online storage solution.

Finally, while pCloud positions itself as a complete online storage solution, combining security, flexibility and flexibility. and performance, don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of exceptional discounts for the National Day and improve your data management with pCloud.

Take advantage of pCloud offers for the National Day

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