Urgent appeal by the police. 16-year-old Katia is missing. Very mysterious circumstances


A teenager from Ukraine came with her relatives to our country in July this year.

Urgent appeal by the police. 16-year-old Katia is missing. Very mysterious circumstances

Wrocław had been their home for less than 14 days. While the teenager's parents were dealing with urgent matters at the Municipal Social Welfare Center, their daughter Katia left the car to make a phone call.

Never come back to the car. As confirmed by the relatives of the 16-year-old, her phone has been closed since then. The search for the camera was also unsuccessful. A similar fate befell Katia's personal home.

Everything lasted for a while …

According to the media, the search campaign has been taking place since August 3, from the moment her parent reports the missing child. .

A description of the missing 16-year-old was provided. It is a person 175 cm tall, dark brown hair, which has been cut to a popular bob with a hair length behind the ear. At the time of her disappearance, the girl was carrying a black purse, a personal card and a mobile phone.

As reported by the translator of the family, Mrs. Tamara, Katia also has a special mark placed under her left eye in the form of a birthmark. . It should be noted that the girl's parents do not speak Polish.

Gazeta Wrocławska provides an urgent appeal and a request from Katia's parent for help in the search – If someone has information where the missing 16-year-old may be let them pass them to Katia's parents. You can call the following numbers: tel. +48 730 733 816 (Tamara, helps the family, in Polish), tel. +48 780 648 381 (Jewgienij, Katia's dad), tel. +48 571 004 545 (Ludmila, Katia's mother). If you have seen the missing person somewhere or know their whereabouts, contact the police on the phone number +48 47 871 16 00, +48 478 71 16 03 or the nearest police unit on the emergency number 112. – we read in the Wrocław press.

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