Urologists were told about the methods of treatment of prostate cancer in the early stages

According to experts, this disease can be eliminated in the early stages.

Урологи рассказали о способах лечения рака простаты на ранних стадиях

According to the doctor, Sergei Popov, prostate cancer recorded in about 30% of the male population in the world. A major role in the development of the disease is age, so all men after 50 years are recommended to visit urologist and keep under control the level of the tumor marker PSA. According to another expert, Igor Orlov, the problems in this area often appear as a result of other failures in the body, for example, diabetes mellitus, endocrine, neurological and cardiac ailments. The medic stressed that this information is not everything, and reminded of the importance of regular tests and doctor visits.

According to experts, the main problem in the fight against prostate cancer is that its presence the patient finds out later. In the early stages the disease can be easily cured, however, a great number of patients, the tumor already diagnosed in critical situations.
According to the doctor of medical Sciences, oncologist Igor Kostyuk, as the only working way to prevent in Onco-urology performs early diagnostics and carrying out of necessary studies for men.

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