US imposes sanctions against Putin's mistress


US sanctions against Putin's mistress

In addition to Alina Kabaeva, the sanctions list includes Russian billionaires and collaborators from Kherson and Mariupol.

The US Department of the Treasury has updated the list of individuals against whom the US government has imposed sanctions. The list has added 13 names of Russians who are in the circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and collaborators from Kherson and Mariupol. Also on the list was Alina Kabaeva, who is considered Putin's mistress.

Who fell under US sanctions?

The Ministry of Finance reported that the sanctions list includes:

  • former head of PhosAgro Andrey Guryev and his son Andrey;
  • President of the All-Russian Sambo Federation Sergey Eliseev;
  • Head of the National media group Alina Kabaeva;
  • Head of the Board of Directors of OJSC EuroChem Andrey Melnichenko;
  • Chairman of the Boards of Directors of JSC International Airport Sheremetyevo Alexander Ponomarenko;
  • Deputy General Director of Innopraktika Natalya Popova;
  • businessman Dmitry Pumpyansky >;
  • Owner of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Viktor Rashnikov;
  • CEO of Advanced Industrial and Infrastructure Technologies Anton Urusov;< /li>
  • Mariupol collaborator Konstantin Ivashchenko;
  • Kherson collaborator Vladimir Saldo;
  • Kherson collaborator Kirill Stremousov.
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    Russian oppositionists claim that now Putin's mistress is forced to live in Moscow, practically not appearing in public. In the Russian capital and in the Moscow region, she has a wide choice of housing, most of the apartments and houses, the passion of Vladimir Putin received as a gift from his entourage.


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