US judge orders Alex Jones to pay another $473 million

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US judge orders Alex Jones to pay an additional $473 million

Alex Jones has claimed the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting were actors.

A US judge on Thursday ordered conspirator Alex Jones, already ordered to pay almost $473 million to families of victims of a school massacre he denied happened.

This Connecticut magistrate, Barbara Bellis, found Alex Jones' behavior to have been deliberate and malicious.

Infowars site owner claimed relatives of students and staff killed in 2012 at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut were actors and the killing was staged by opponents of the guns fire. A tenacious conspiracy theory that has spread across the Internet.

Along with his company, Free Speech Systems, Alex Jones has launched attacks on plaintiffs for almost a decade, including during the trial, hateful, malicious and unjustified behavior that harmed the plaintiffs, wrote the judge, who presided over his trial.

She therefore ordered him to pay more than 473 million dollars in damages.

A jury in Waterbury, Connecticut, not far from the facility, ruled in October that Alex Jones should pay the families of eight victims as well as an FBI agent present on the day of the tragedy 965 million dollars in compensation for defamation and moral damage.

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