US Justice may use documents seized from Trump

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La Justice am&eacute ;ricaine may use the documents seized at Trump

Several documents marked “secret” or “top secret” were found at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's residence.

The US Department of Justice won its case Wednesday night in the case of documents seized at Mar-a-Lago, the residence of former President Donald Trump. This will allow the federal state to continue its examination of the documents recovered by the FBI while the appeal of Washington in this file is ongoing.

This green light has been given by a federal appeals court and represents a major victory for the Department of Justice, whose investigators will have the opportunity to resume a review that could lead to the filing of criminal charges against the x27;former occupant of the White House.

This court also pointed out that Mr. Trump's team had presented no evidence that the former president had declassified documents, as Mr. Trump has repeated on several occasions. occasions, and rejected the idea that Mr. Trump might have a personal interest or that he might need the hundred or so classified documents that were recovered during the Florida raid.


The government argued that its investigation was slowed by a ruling by District Judge Aileen Cannon, which temporarily barred investigators from continuing to use the documents in their investigation.

The magistrate, appointed by Trump, had declared that this prohibition would remain in force as long as an independent special investigator, chosen at the request of the team of the former president, n& #x27;would not have completed its own assessment of the documents.

The Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, has asked his services to request the continuation of the investigation into the documents, while Donald Trump's team wanted them to be first reviewed by a special investigator.

The three-judge panel at the Court of Appeal agreed with the government. It is evident that it is in the public interest to ensure that the storage of classified documents did not result in exceptionally serious damage to national security, they wrote.

Complying with this requirement, they continue, necessarily involves studying the documents, determining who had access to them, when, and then deciding whether sources or methods were put at risk.

Two of the three judges in this panel were appointed by Mr. Trump; the third was named by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

During the search at Mar-a-Lago, the FBI seized approximately 11,000 documents, including the hundred bearing the secret or even ultra-secret classification. Federal police have launched an investigation to determine whether the documents were mishandled or compromised. Unknown at this time if charges will be laid.

With information from The Associated Press, and CBC News

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