US legislative elections: What happened in the voting machines in Arizona?

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US midterm elections: What happened at the voting machines in Arizona?

Arizona refocuses electoral attention on the United States. After being a key state to certify the presidential defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, this year could be too if he swings both the Senate and Governor races on the Democratic side, as it seems.

n is Focusing attention on some technical problems in the vote count. This Tuesday, the electoral authorities of the state have informed that the printers used in the county of Maricopa– the most populous and crucial in 2020– they were not marking the votes with enough ink, a lack of clarity in the marks that would have made it difficult for the computer program in charge of counting to read what was expressed by the citizens.

This problem it would affect about 60 of the 233 voting centers, around 20%. After eight hours of voting, some 17 cases had already been resolved after changing the configuration of those printers.

“Nothing indicates that there is fraud”

“This is a technical issue (…) none of this indicates that there is electoral fraud“, explained Stephen Richer and Bill Gates -nothing to do with the founder of Microsoft-, the highest officials in supervising the vote count. Both Republicans have thus ruled out the false rumors that have proliferated in the social networks, promoted, again, by Trump. Even outlets like Fox News, with its ultra-conservative bias, have also unfoundedly cast the shadow of suspicion.

Late in the day, a Maricopa County judge rejected the Republicans' request to keep the polls open beyond After their usual closing time, 7 p.m., assuring that they had not provided any evidence that the problems with the machines had prevented citizens from casting their vote.

The Votes in Arizona and Maricopa were decisive in 2020 to decide the presidential victory on the side of Joe Biden. Thus, Trump and the US extreme right focused their efforts there. then the attacks and conspiracies to question the democratic processes. Now the pattern is repeated. All the Republican candidates for the legislative elections are deniers who still deny the defeat of their leader.