US President Joe Biden has tested positive for coronavirus: White House


US President Joe Biden fell ill with coronavirus, — White House

The administration of the American President reports that the head of the White House is experiencing only mild symptoms of the disease.

US President Joe Biden has become infected with COVID-19. On Thursday, July 21, Biden tested positive for the coronavirus, the White House said.

“President Biden tested positive for COVID-19 this morning.” – the message says.

The administration of the American president emphasized the fact that Biden is fully vaccinated and twice revaccinated.

“He feels very mild symptoms,” shared the details of the US president's illness in his administration.

“He was on the phone with members of the White House staff this morning and will attend scheduled meetings at the White House today by phone and via Zoom at the residence,” the presidential administration said.


The Presidential Administration will also provide daily information to US citizens on how Joe Biden is feeling and how he is performing his duties.

On Tuesday, June 19, when asked by a journalist how he feels after incident, the American president jumped, showing that everything was fine with him.

On June 14, it became known that Joe Biden would run for a new term in 2024. By the time of a possible re-election, the American president will be 82 years old.


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