US says China could attack Taiwan

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  • US admits that China may attack Taiwan

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  • US admits China may attack Taiwan

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  • US admits that China may attack Taiwan


  • US admits China may attack Taiwan

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  • US admits that China may attack Taiwan

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    US admits that China may attack Taiwan

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US admits that China may attack Taiwan

According to the American official, the States will support Taiwan and its ability to defend itself against external threats.

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U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman says Chinese invasion of Taiwan is possible. She said this during a meeting with students of the American University in Washington, writes Swissinfo.

“I think war is potentially possible because Xi Jinping is now in complete control of China,” Sherman said.

According to her, the US must prevent this. The states are going to urge China to refrain from this step, as well as support Taiwan so that it has the means to defend itself.

The publication writes that Beijing, which claims Taiwan as its territory, has never refused to use force to take control of the island.

Reporters said Sherman's comments came after two days of talks with European External Action Service Secretary-General Stefano Sannino on China and the Indo-Pacific, during which they expressed concern about China's “provocation” on Taiwan.

In addition, Sherman said protests in China against the world's toughest COVID-19 restrictions are dying down because they have had an effect.

“They allow people to quarantine in their homes, not in hospitals with a fever. They say they are going to reopen step by step,” Sherman said.

China and Taiwan

The Republic of China or Taiwan is a partially recognized state. It was formed after the defeat of the Chinese Kuomintang by the Communist Party in the civil war of 1945-1950. In 1971, the Republic of China lost its UN seat to the communist People's Republic of China (mainland China). Taiwan currently maintains formal diplomatic relations with 13 UN member states.

We also recall that Biden threatened North Korea with a response to nuclear missile tests. According to the American president, there will most likely be no attempt by China to invade Taiwan.