US scolds Zelensky for accusing Putin of the missile that fell in Poland

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The US scolds Zelenski for accusing Putin of the missile that fell in Poland

The National Security adviser to the United States United States Jake Sullivan reportedly called Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky on Tuesday.He was asked to take care of the forms and the accusations about Russia's involvement in the explosion in the Polish town of Przewodow, as reported by CNN.

Shortly after it was Upon hearing the news, President Zelensky delivered a speech. the usual evening speech of him in which he referred & oacute; to the explosion registered in the neighboring country and accused the Russia for having launched the missiles that hit Poland, near the border with Ukraine. of Ukrainian State defined the what happened asHe called “a very significant escalation” in the conflict, since in that case it would be the first direct hit that a member country of the Atlantic Alliance had received since the outbreak of the war, and called ; He decided to take action.

After these words from Zelensky, Sullivan picked up the phone. He quickly dialed the phone to contact the Ukrainian president and urge him to be careful with the way they referred to themselvesAccording to what happened, according to what they told the US network CNN sources familiar with the matter.

Russia ruled out

And it is that both Washington and more Later in Warsaw, they ruled out targeting Russia directly in the first place They claimed responsibility for what happened and, later, pointed to the possibility that the missile that fell on Polish territory could have been launched by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of a defensive operation.

< p>In fact, kyiv did not like this latest version of what could have happened on Tuesday, and Zelensky himself has insisted that Ukraine should also be part of the investigation. of the event. Poland has finally agreed to this.

Polish media reported late on Tuesday the deaths of two people in Przewodow, in the province of Lublin, after the possible impact of two stray rockets. Countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine ventured to point fingers at Russia.

Moscow, for its part, faced with calls from various states to defend NATO territory, went out He took steps to deny the accusations and point out that the missile fragments found in the area do not correspond to the type of weapons used by his Armed Forces in the context of the war in Ukraine.