US sees no impending Chinese military activity against Taiwan – White House


US does not see China's impending military activity against Taiwan — White House

The White House spokesman did not say whether Congressman Nancy Pelosi would visit the island, the possibility of which Beijing is so irritated.

White House spokesman John Kirby said the US sees no evidence of China's impending military activity against Taiwan, Reuters reported.

“We have not seen any physical, material signs of anything untoward Taiwan,” Kirby said, sidestepping the question of whether US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would visit the island.

At the same time, Pelosi did not confirm a trip to Taiwan, which Beijing considers its territory.

On July 20, the Global Times reported that China was threatening the United States with “strong steps” if the speaker of Congress visited Taiwan. In Beijing, this is explained by the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The hypothetical visit of an American woman to the Chinese Foreign Ministry was called a provocation of a strategic level, which will send “an extremely wrong signal to the separatist forces advocating the independence of Taiwan.”

On July 24, it became known that China warned the US presidential administration that it would not tolerate Nancy Pelosi coming to the island.

American media, citing unnamed sources, reported that the Biden administration expected a sharp reaction from the Chinese up to a military response. Chinese soldiers may try to block Pelosi's landing on Taiwan or use fighter jets to intercept the plane carrying the congressman.

On July 27, a group of US warships, led by the USS Ronald Reagan, left Singapore and headed for Taiwan . These maneuvers may be related to the Chinese military threat.

On July 28, Chinese leader Xi Jinping held talks with Joe Biden, during which he strongly protested over the Taiwan issue. “He who plays with fire will surely burn himself,” Xi Jinping warned.

On July 29, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) 80th Division posted a call to prepare for war on Weibo, which quickly gained hundreds of thousands likes.


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