US spending too much money on Ukraine – Donald Trump


USA spending too much money on Ukraine, – Donald Trump

According to the 45th President, the United States has $35 trillion in public debt, so withdrawing money is irrational. The EU countries could act more actively.

The United States allocates much more money to Ukraine than Europe. This was stated by the 45th US President Donald Trump at the Turning Point USA student conference in Florida, which was broadcast on YouTube.

He estimated the total spending on Ukraine at more than $60 billion. The Russian Federation touched more, gave a tiny part of this amount, Trump added.

“I think the European Union should take care of this problem more than the States. We have $ 35 trillion in public debt, there are financial problems, and we are withdrawing money “, – he told the students.

The former American leader is sure that there would be no war between Ukraine and Russia under his presidency.

“Russia would never have attacked, we had great achievements in terms of armaments. Under me, there would definitely not have been a war,” he concluded.

In the US Congress, they talked about the possibility of supplying Ukraine with 25-30 HIMARS and MLRS multiple launch rocket systems. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov estimated the need for HIMARS at the level of 50 units. If there are 100 such MLRS, then there will be an opportunity for an effective counteroffensive.

First Lady Elena Zelenskaya, during her speech in Congress, asked for weapons so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would defend Ukraine.


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