US stuns China with these new tech sanctions

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This decision is a new blow for some Chinese Tech giants, including Huawei.

The United States is knocking out China with these new tech sanctions

Clearly, tensions between the United States and China remain more topical than ever. This Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a ban on telecom equipment and services provided by several major Chinese technology companies. Among them, we find in particular Huawei, ZTE, but Hytera, Dahua, and Hikvision.

A threat to the national security of the United States

According to the American federal authority, these companies thus represent a threat to the national security of the United States. From then on, they will no longer be able to sell their telecom equipment on American territory, and will no longer obtain any marketing authorization.

In a press release published for the occasion, Jessica Rosenworcel, president of the FCC, wanted to be very clear: ” These new rules represent an important part of the actions put in place to protect the American people against threats to national security involving telecommunications equipment “.

According to the executive, companies such as Huawei and ZTE have been identified as posing security issues with their telecommunications equipment as early as 2019. However, the FCC “has continued in recent years to grant approval to such equipment” .

She adds: “In other words, we left open opportunities for their use in the United States through our process of equipment authorization. We now propose to close this door.”.

For the time being, the Chinese companies concerned such as Dahua, Hytera, ZTE, or Huawei have not commented on this decision. Only Hikvision, a company that provides CCTV equipment, spoke. According to Bloomberg, the company believes it poses “no threat to the security of the United States and there is no technical or legal justification for the decision to the Federal Communications Commission.”

She clarified that this decision “Will make it harder and more expensive for American small businesses, local authorities, school districts and individual consumers to protect themselves, their homes, businesses and property.”< /p>

The trade war between the United States and China is in full swing

In any case, all those who thought that the government of Joe Biden was going to opt for a much more accommodating attitude towards screw China got it wrong. The Democratic leader is acting as firmly as his predecessor Donald Trump on this issue.

It is also worth recalling that last October, the US Commerce Department prevented Chinese technology companies from to obtain certain semiconductors that contain American material, regardless of their origin.

This is a real concern for the Chinese government, which hoped to take the lead in major technological fields such as the intelligence or supercomputers.

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