US: TikTok targeted by bill to ban foreign technology

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É.-U. : TikTok hit by bill to ban foreign tech

Elected officials want a systematic approach when necessary.

A recent vote allows the US President to ban TikTok in the United States. (File photos)

Two U.S. senators plan to introduce a bill this week to allow the government to ban foreign tech products such as TikTok, Sen. Mark Warner said Sunday.

Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, expressed concern on Fox News Sunday television that TikTok could be a propaganda tool.

The bill aims to introduce a systematic approach to ban foreign technology when necessary, he said.

Senator Mark Warner will introduce a bill to allow the government to ban foreign technology products. (File photo)

He plans to introduce that bill this week with Republican Sen. John Thune. A spokesperson for Mark Warner said he is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday.

Details of the proposed legislation were not available on Sunday.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday voted to grant President Joe Biden the ability to ban China's TikTok video app in the United States. United States.

Last week, the White House gave government agencies 30 days to ensure that TikTok was not present on federal devices. More than 30 US states, Canada and European Union political institutions have also banned the loading of TikTok on their employees' work phones.

China and ByteDance , owner of TikTok, reject suspicions that Chinese authorities could take advantage of the application to collect data on users and promote their interests.

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