Use the used tea bag to clean the bathroom. What happens when you throw her into the toilet

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Nothing is more refreshing when cleaning than the results that are visible quickly.

 Use the used tea bag when cleaning the bathroom. What will happen when you throw it into the toilet

Additionally, we can enjoy the cleaning speed when we know the right tricks and tricks, often used a long time ago and thoughtlessly thrown over the years into the abyss of oblivion.

Don't reflex! Do not throw it into the trash bin right away!

This is what happens with a bag of our favorite tea soaked in boiling water, while it can be safely used to clean the toilet, but more on that in a moment … We can see many times in craft videos, when an actress pours hot water over something placed in a toilet bowl and marvels at the effects. Yes, boiling water or hot steam are effective and cheap cleaning and disinfecting agents, but the gloomy lottery is whether the shell breaks the first time due to thermal shock, or at some other time.

the ways to clean the toilet are those that do not harm the cleaned surface, are relatively safe for us and the environment, and above all, we can use them without spending a fortune.

Baking soda combined with vinegar are basic measures that can be used on almost any surface, of course using different proportions and additives. From cleaning the toilet, bathtub or grout, by adding it to the laundry, to cleaning windows!

Another trick to clean the toilet is a used tea bag, as mentioned by Interia. It is enough to throw it into the toilet, and the effects are to be noticeable after fifteen minutes. After another fifteen minutes, the bag must be removed to avoid the opposite effect – the color.

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