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Users are protesting against this new feature of WhatsApp - the method to hide or delete it is simple

Recently added within the application, WhatsApp channels can quickly become visible. rer quite annoying. However, there is a very simple way to get rid of it.

If you are used to maintaining your application at a glance day, you have certainly noticed the arrival of a new functionality within WhatsApp. Adding "strings" allows in particular fans of a community to participate to find oneself within the same space, at different times. like a news feed. A rather well-thought-out idea on paper, but it didn't take long to come to fruition. à make a good number of users of the application who received the first invitations to cringe. channels in recent days.

"Whatsapp channels, what else is this thing????", protests a user on channels on WhatsApp, it's crazy. "Not even one person will catch the other to say that the idea is bad. We who don't like that need to add an option so that we can hide the channels. "It annoys us to see", he adds in his message amid other much more flowery comments.

Whether it's the official PSG channel or your favorite actor, WhatsApp channels allow users to be grouped together in a single thread providing information about their passion. This addition, although it may seem anecdotal on paper, further transforms the application into a real social network capable of overshadowing other users. Facebook and one-way with an administrator (which can be an organization, a company, a brand) sending messages that members can then only comment or “like” with a range of emojis, if the administrator gives the rights.

How to remove or hide channels

These chains can quickly prove to be very restrictive due to the number of brands likely to send you a notification. Some users therefore quickly questioned the possibility to hide or delete them.

To hide notifications from a channel, simply open the channel on your smartphone. In the upper right corner of the application, you will find an icon bell-shaped. By clicking on the latter, you will be able to hide notifications from the channel in question!

Users are rebelling against this new feature of WhatsApp - the method for hiding or deleting it is simple

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Si If you want to completely unsubscribe from a channel, you will need to click on the three small dots at the top of the channel. There you will find the 'Unfollow' option. which will allow you to leave the unwanted space.

Note that the WhatsApp channels option is still being deployed in Europe. Don’t hesitate to Regularly update your application day to be sure to benefit from it.

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