Valdés shines against EO in his first presentation with the Licey

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  • Valdés shines against EO in his first appearance with the Licey

    Raúl Valdé in the first opening of him to justify the Licey, who chose him & oacute; number one in the Re-entry Sweepstakes.

Lefty starter Raúl Valdes pitched the second round. last night in a masterful manner by pitching seven innings of a single run, while Pablo Reyes, Jorge Alfaro and Emilio Bonifacio drove in the seven laps between the three of them to be the architects of the first victory of the Tigres del Licey seven laps for two over the Stars Orientales, at the beginning of the “All against All” in Quisqueya Park.

Valdez took the the semifinal win, his 15th postseason win in winter ball.

Pablo Reyes was the best offensively for the Tigers going 2-for-4 with three laps produced. Emilio Bonifacio also towed He got two runs as well as Jorge Alfaro, who brought it in with a home run in the eighth inning. Ramón Hernández dispatched the police. two hits.

In addition to Raùl Valdes, Jean Carlos Mejía threw for the Tigres and culminated in the game. the Keury Mella. Domingo Robles, who although he shot good ball, loaded with failure.

For the Stars, in addition to Robles, Raffi Vizcaíno, Diogènes Almengó, William Jérez and Rhiner Cruz worked.

The The first to score were the Tigres del Licey when they made two laps in the fourth episode.

Ronny Mauricio hit the ball. hit to the right meadow, then Ramón Hernández continued to hit the field. with a single to center, Quintana was made out, Pablo Reyes continued to play. with a hit to center scoring Mauricio and Hernández to put the game 2-0.

The Orientals scored a return in the seventh inning when Jeimer Candelario, after two outs, hit a home run. hit, Danny Santana followed up. with a hit to the center, in the play, Emilio Bonifacio committed a hit. error, allowing him to score The Blues countered in the  He dropped from seventh when Quintana hit the ball. double to the right, Pablo Reyes continued to play. with a double to right field, scoring Quintana. Alfaro was balled, Luis Barrera missed the ball. tag play, Sergio Alcántara struck out, Emilio Bonifacio hit the ball. hit to center to drive in two runs.

Los Tigres del Licey added two more runs in the eighth inning thanks to a home run to left field by catcher Jorge Alfaro with a runner on base to put It made the game 7-1.

Candelario took it out for the first time. He left after two outs in the ninth to drive in the green second round.

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