Valentine’s Day: 5 super sexy menus to prepare as a duo

Valentine’s Day: 5 super sexy menus to prepare as a duo

Valentine’s Day: 5 super sexy menus to prepare as a duo

This weekend is the opportunity to have a little dinner at home, using the most aphrodisiac foods possible to compose a super sexy meal.

History to mark the occasion at home without spending to be delivered, we can always cook in duo small dishes which, from the starter to the dessert, will boost the libido, if necessary. In addition, if we decide to skip the dessert, we can always eat it the next day …

Here are 5 menu proposals to mix, reinvent and serve on the sofa.

Daring menu, with cloves, maca nuts, ginger

Hot oysters au gratin in the oven, prepared by Belgian blogger Tangerine Zest

Sauteed rice vermicelli with chicken (or scampis) which brings a lot of garlic and ginger

A lemon-ginger sorbet (in the frozen section, it’s practical, with a bite of vodka, it’s customized …)

> Oyster, a recognized aphrodisiac, the zinc it contains plays a role in the production of testosterone and that of cyprine. Ginger, by creating an influx of blood into the body, causes hot flashes and arousal. Garlic Also boosts blood circulation and promotes organ irrigation.

Olé menu, with pine nuts, saffron, chocolate

Beet, orange, pine and walnut carpaccio or beetroot salad with tahine sauce, the recipe from the Belgian blog Cuisine moi un mouton

A well saffron paella or saffron and chilli cockles

A soft chocolate fondant, to discover on Gourmandiz

> The pinions are rich in zinc and nuts. Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium – 5 mg per gram. Saffron has stimulating properties on the erogenous zones due to its phytosterol content. Chocolate contains arginine, an amino acid which when absorbed and transformed will have a vasodilator effect. It also stimulates endorphins, pleasure hormones.

Full menu, with avocado, truffle and cocoa

An avocado and gray shrimps (recipe on Gourmandiz)

Tagliatelle with truffles: the recipe of Big Mamma, the all-the-rage Italian restaurant chain is here

Cocoa and mascarpone mousse> recipe on Tangerine Zest

> Avocado is rich in vitamin B6 which stimulates the production of testosterone. The scams stimulates the production of androsterone, a hormone derived from testosterone.

Iodized menu with scallops, asparagus, a raw brownie

Garlic soup or carpaccio of Saint Jacques and mango > recipe on Gourmandiz

Cuttlefish skewers and asparagus caramelized> Frozen Picard’s recipe

Raw brownie, a delight to find here, on the Gin kitchen blog

> Asparagus are rich in antioxidant carotenes, fiber, group B vitamins

Feu-follet menu with ginger, curry and vanilla

Braised mushroom with ginger and chili

Green chicken curry, according to a Thai recipe by Hervé cuisine and if it’s cold, the famous chicken-vegetable soup spiced with curry by Pascale Naessens, a treat with celery in addition (this is sometimes called the plant penis and would have the virtue of stimulating the libido)

Rice pudding and cinnamon, for the vanilla which is aphrodisiac. The recipe for the blog Cooking is easy is here

> Cinnamon has been used for centuries for its arousing components, cinnamon is known to increase libido and helps fight erectile dysfunction.

In the glasses

Pomegranate juice

Red wine

Champagne, just for the ambiance

Fresh flavored water (mint, green ctron, orange, ginger, etc.), for the mineral tour

Mocktails, ginger beer, iced tea,…> our recipes here


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