Valentine’s day: what to watch movie lovers (video)

День святого Валентина: что посмотреть в кино влюбленным (видео)

Coming February 14 — Valentine’s Day. “FACTS” have been told about what meals can decorate the holiday of lovers. Create a romantic atmosphere on this day will help good music or a movie. The main thing — not to make the wrong choice.

For those who like to watch movies in the cinema, “FACTS”, having carefully studied the repertoire of paintings going on this week in the Ukrainian hire has taken the liberty to recommend the following German melodrama “is So close to the horizon,” the French Comedy “My dog stupid” and the French romance “portrait of a girl in the fire.”

“So close to the horizon”

(16+, Germany, Pantaleon Films, romance, budget — $ 1 million)

The picture is an adaptation of the eponymous bestseller writer Jessica Koch. The book took first place in the list of the most popular on the Amazon website. In the German rental tape is held in the fall of 2019 and collected $ 4.3 million, becoming one of the top grossing films in Germany in recent years. The main character — a carefree girl is waiting for a successful career, prosperous life.

One morning she leaves the house, not knowing what will meet a man who will love with all my heart. But that feeling will force her to make difficult choices… he made the film Director Tim Tracht. Starring Moon Wedler (“the Most beautiful girl in the world”) and Yannick Schumann (“Dip”).

“My dog Stupid”

(12+, France, StudioCanal, Comedy, budget $ 10 million)

The film is based on the eponymous novel by American writer John Fante, released in 1985. Even 20 years ago, the book has attracted attention of famous French film producer and Director Richard berry. He offered to make a film adaptation of his compatriot Ivan Attalu. He became interested in the idea. And only now Attal directed the film and played a major role in it — experiencing creative and personal crisis of a writer. The hero of the picture accidentally meets on the street has an adult stray dog with a cheeky character.

Man and animal are bound to each other… the writer’s Wife was played by the famous actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg, winner of two awards “Cesar”. She is the wife of Attila in real life. They have three children, but the couple is in no hurry to legalize their marriage. They already starred together in the movie “My wife is an actress” in 2001. “My dog stupid” gathered in France more than $ 4 million at the box office.

“Portrait of a girl in the fire”

(18+, France, Lilies Films, drama)

The film received two awards at the Cannes international film festival in may 2019. The action takes place in the middle of the XVIII century in Brittany. A resident of a small island intends to marry an Italian with my daughter. The girl never saw the future wife, and he her too. The bride’s mother decided to send her groom portrait. However, the girl doesn’t want to marry a stranger and refuses to pose for the artist. Then her mother comes to the trick.

She secretly hires a new portrait — the young artist. She needs to bond with her daughter, to hold her all day, and at night to paint a portrait from memory… took a picture of the famous Director Celine Samma (Water lilies). Starring Noemie Merlan (Heaven can wait) and Adel Enel (“Deerskin”). Mother of the bride was played by Hollywood star Valeria Golino (“rain Man”). In world hire the film has collected 5.2 million dollars.

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