Valérie Lévesque, the Quebec instavideaste who colors your mornings

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Val&rie L’vesque, the Quebec instavid&squo;aste who colors your mornings

Valérie Lévesque, Quebec instavideographer.

On Monday, the computer clock shows 7:45 a.m. sharp. It's time for Valérie Lévesque – the first Quebecer to become a partner of Facebook Gaming – to connect in front of the camera to wake up her thousands of fans with her contagious energy.

I am the equivalent of a good coffee in the morning, or an energy drink! launches the content creator from Saguenay, who is followed by nearly 45,000 people on Facebook.

Every day of the week, she prepares her children for school, has them needs to his miniature pig and his dog, then goes to his office, at home, to live broadcast his games.

On screen: $11 games unearthed on Steam, his favorites, but also titles like Valorant, Animal Crossing and horror games…sometimes even in virtual reality.< /p>

Around dinnertime, she shuts down the camera and feeds her children (who eat at home), then answers emails and does community management and editing.

Which segments of live sound deserve to go on TikTok and on Facebook, or in Reels on Instagram? What's to prepare for tomorrow's broadcast? How to highlight the products of such and such a company for a partnership?

“We try to convince ourselves that we are doing 8 at 4, but streaming follows us even in our dreams. »

—Valérie Lévesque

This is the unusual life that the instavideographer has successfully led since 2019, the first Quebecer to become a partner of the Facebook Gaming broadcasting platform. Only five people have achieved this feat in Quebec so far.

  • Have 3,000 committed subscribers per month, Internet users who have watched for more than a minute content, liked it and commented on it

  • Have received at least $2000 in stars, small gifts ($) sent by fans

The trajectory of the content creator was not quite indicated for Valérie Lévesque, who is now 34 years old. Before taking her first maternity leave, in 2013, she worked as a dental hygienist.

Sometimes when you have children, it wakes up certain things. I wondered if that was really who I was, a dental hygienist. And who am I, finally, apart from the worker and the mother? she wondered.

The answer: a geeky womanwho loves anime, popular culture and Japanese culture.

In 2015, the techie opened her first Facebook page and then started blogging without much ulterior motive. His first hobby: bento lunch boxes, these small compartmentalized meals very popular in Japan.

I had learned a bit of programming with Geocity around the age of 12, when I had my own site, on which I made snow fall, she recalls, nostalgic. With my culinary blog, I wanted to see if I was still able to code.

Valérie's bentos were so successful that she even released a cookbook on it. subject, in addition to having its show on MAtv in Saguenay. This is how she learned about community management and content marketing, fields that were unknown to her until then.

However, she quickly felt overwhelmed when she began to receive more and more questions about the nutrition plan and the zero waste aspect of the bentos.

“I just wanted to share my cutes lunches with others. »

—Valérie Lévesque

After giving up bento boxes around 2017 for these reasons, Valérie Lévesque questioned herself again about what she really wanted to do in life. It was there that she turned to video games, she who had dreamed for a long time of starting to do live broadcasts.

It was still me , the girl who went to queue at midnight to get her hands on the next Diablo game, even though I was working at the dentist the next day! she said laughing.

Although Valérie says to herself about her X, the last few months have not been without pitfalls for her. She ran into the instabilities of her favorite streaming platform, Facebook Gaming, which had been piling up bugs for some time.

I sometimes spent my live sessions taking feedback on platform bugs and report them to Facebook, she says.

In June, although the platform brought her a lot in terms of notoriety, Valérie Lévesque had had enough: she made the decision to start over and migrate her community to a more stable site, Twitch, on which it only had 300 subscribers.

“It was a very financially disadvantageous choice [to migrate from Facebook Gaming to Twitch], because the site eats 50% of my income, and since I no longer had such a large community, I lost all my sponsorships. »

—Valérie Lévesque

Four months later, his account is followed by more than 2400 people; still far from the 45,000 fans she has on Facebook… However, she remains convinced that she made the right decision for her community, who can once again enjoy her broadcasts… without bugs.

The change of platform to Twitch adds new possibilities for the instavideographer, including the “Just Chatting” option (discussions). For example, she would like to get out of video games a bit and show her fans her eight chickens, her miniature pig and her dog.

After all, Valérie Lévesque does this job above all for her fans, people aged 25 to 40, according to her estimates.

When I was young, I experienced a lot of bullying. I was the one playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and bringing the game booklet to school. I didn't have any friends who had that passion, she says.

“There has a lot of people who met through my community and started seeing each other in real life to play together. I feel like I'm giving a place for these people to be.

— Valérie Lévesque

It's fun, and that's what I want.

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