Vancouver shooting causes 'multiple victims'


Vancouver shooting causes "multiple casualties"

Several people were reportedly killed or wounded by gunshots in a shooting in the town of Langley, a town of 130,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of the Canadian city of Vancouver. According to some media, the victims would be homeless people who were on the street. The author of the shots would have been arrested, according to some sources.

“There are multiple victims and multiple shots,” a Langley police spokeswoman reported, without specifying whether they were dead or wounded. arrested,” he added, saying police were investigating whether other suspects were involved.

Aporophobic attack?

According to Canadian media, the The detainee may have deliberately opened fire on homeless people.

A public alert was issued at around 06:15 local time, mentioning ” several crime scenes in downtown Langley.” Authorities said in the message that they had had an “interaction with a suspect but do not know at this time if others were involved.”

A an hour later a second alert was sent explaining that the suspect was “no longer a threat” and again urged the public to stay away.

The initial alert described He turned to a dark-haired Caucasian man wearing brown overalls and a blue and green T-shirt with a log. red otype on the right sleeve.


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