Vancouver will increase the price of shopping bags starting January 1, 2023

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Vancouver will increase the price of shopping bags starting January 1, 2023

At least 21 municipalities in British Columbia have approved bylaws that ban single-use plastic bags or will do so in 2023, according to the provincial government

Starting January 1, 2023, the City of Vancouver will require businesses to charge more for paper bags and reusable bags. Thus, customers will have to pay a minimum of 25 cents for a paper bag and $2 for a new reusable bag, compared to 15 cents and $1 respectively

These new measures come one year later the banning of single-use plastic shopping bags by the City.

The fee is really designed to incentivize shoppers to bring and use their own bag as much as possible, says Vancouver Senior Project Manager for Single-Use Items Monica Kosmak.

I really think the higher fee will help remind shoppers to bring their own reusable bags whenever possible, she continues.

At least 21 municipalities in British Columbia, representing more than 40% of the province's population, have approved bylaws banning plastic bags or will put them in place by 2023, according to the BC Ministry of the Environment. British Columbia.

In July 2018, Victoria became the first city in British Columbia to pass a bylaw on the matter

According to Ms. Kosmak, the changes to Vancouver's fare structure allow the City to match the rates charged by most other cities.

Retail Council of Canada's British Columbia director, Greg Wilson, points out that his members are generally in favor of reducing plastic pollution, but that the increase in the price of paper bags and reusable bags comes at a time when consumers are in serious financial trouble.

Mr. Wilson also laments the fact that the bag regulations are not perfectly harmonized, which means that companies operating in different jurisdictions must comply with different rules.

He there's a cost and a complication to that, he says. Particularly for small retail businesses.

Vancouver's bylaw exempts charities and nonprofits from fees.

The City also runs programs to provide free bags to those in need.

The City of Vancouver's decision precedes that of the BC government which is expected to hold, this year, its promise to ban plastic bags province-wide.

In December, a federal ban on the manufacturing and the importation of certain single-use plastics, such as shopping bags, came into force.

A total ban on the sale of these items in Canada is scheduled for December 2023.< /p>

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