Vanesa Romero |  The day he almost made a “Sabrina” on television

Vanesa Romero | The day he almost made a “Sabrina” on television

Vanesa Romero |  The day he almost made a “Sabrina” on television

Vanesa Romero in the mechanical bull of the Grand Prix

The Alicante actress Vanesa Romero is once again in the forefront of popularity for his participation as a contestant on “Masterchef Celebrity”, which premiered on Monday night and was already on the tightrope in the elimination test with the fellow from Alicante Eduardo Navarrete, although finally the singer Tamara was expelled.

The interpreter was saved, but must improve your culinary level a lot if you want to stay among the aspirants.

This year’s roster of contestants is made for give a lot of play, and the Alicante has given ample samples throughout its trajectory of know how to measure up of the circumstances. Height did catch the balloon on Monday’s program … Here we see her making the victory gesture after overturning the basket:

And it is that Vanesa Romero has given very funny television moments, as I recalled a long time ago in an interview with La Resistencia. The Alicante woman was about to involuntarily score a “Sabrina” (showing a breast on television when bouncing) during her visit to the program “Grand Prix” in Canal Sur, presented by Carlos Lozano placeholder image.

The actress had to get on a kind of Mechanical bull moved by some strongmen. The sudden movements of the apparatus, added to the neckline that she was wearing, they forced her to hold her chest with one hand and forearm, while with the other she tried not to fall off the device.

The fishmonger’s daughter, from Dama del Foc to Miss Alicante and from there to stardom

Vanesa Romero’s debut was marked by her problems for remove the skin from trout in the outdoor test carried out in Segovia. Something that, as he confessed, he was especially embarrassed by the fact that his father is a fishmonger.

His fans have remembered in the last hours on social networks his past fogueril, hanging images of her dressed as Alicante at a young age:

There are also other images of she when she was little, like this one that she posted on her Instagram account for her 43rd birthday:

The Alicante was Miss Alicante 1998 and participated in the Miss Spain pageant, after which she would begin her modeling career.

This is how Vanesa Romero reacted in a Cuatro program when she saw herself as Miss Alicante in 1998

Vanesa Romero, Miss Alicante 1998

Miss Alicante 1998

But before all that, she was Belleza de la Hoguera Avenida Costablanca- Entreplayas, the district in which she resided, and was chosen Lady of the Fire in 1995:

Vanesa Romero, Dama del Foc 1995. On the right, already as a model

His passage through Miss Spain at the age of 19 was his springboard to the world of the catwalk, where he has walked with designers such as Elio Berhanyer or his countryman Hannibal Laguna, who designed her wedding dress for her wedding in Altea in 2012 with Alberto Caballero.

His television career started in the extinct Channel 15 of Alicante with a program on the Bonfires. From there it would go on to national chains in programs such as “From 40 to 1”, “Impact Night” or “La blender”.

After debuting in the series “Una de dos” with Lina Morgan, he immersed himself in the world of acting. The success came to him with “Here there is no one who lives” and “La que se avecina”, where he triumphed embodying Rachel Villanueva.

That role gave him the opportunity to fulfill a dream: ring the bells on television, something he did in 2013 with his co-stars Jordi Sánchez and Pablo Chiapelle.

Vanesa Romero with the colleagues with whom she presented the Chimes on Antena 3

A year before, she had completed another by being the proclamation of the Bonfires of San Juan from Alicante in 2012.

Vanesa Romero |  The day he almost made a “Sabrina” on television

Vanesa Romero vindicates the AVE in the proclamation

The versatile Alicante has also made her first steps in the theater, in works like “What a disaster of function!” or “The clan of the divorced women”, has its own firm of fashion and beauty accessories, Namdalay; She is an influencer with tens of thousands of followers on social media and her YouTube channel, and has even written two books. Much more than a pretty face.

Will he be able to rise as the sixth Masterchef Celebrity of Spain?

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