Vegetable dyes are popular in Eastman

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Vegetable-dyes ;g&tales are popular in Eastman

Natural pigments are used on fabrics.

Marie-Eve Dion from Eastman is all the rage with her vegetable dyes. So much so that she cannot supply the demand for her fabrics painted with flowers and plants from her residence. The latter even offers workshops to those who are interested in her art.

In her garden behind her home, Marie-Eve Dion picks the flowers and plants needed to dye her fabrics. That's Japanese Indigo. It is this plant with which we can give bruises , she explains. She will turn them into beautiful products such as a silk velvet cushion. This is a plant that I have been growing for many years. You can also make a beautiful green , mentions the owner of Marie-les-bains.

These flowers will travel on fabrics.

Every week, she shares her passion for vegetable dyeing at her home in Eastman with women from all over Quebec. It joins the little ecological fiber that I also have. So, all this mixed with the artistic side, explains Geneviève Timm from Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

“Me, I really like textile art and then the idea of ​​dyeing clothes or fabrics with flowers, it's really something that interested me. »

— Guylaine Mercier, participant

Vegetable dyer Marie-Eve Dion explains the virtues of plants and the results are amazing.

A costume designer for 12 years in the cinema, Ms. Dion even created the patterns for the shirt one by one botanical by Quebec designer Marie-Ève ​​Lecavalier presented at Paris Fashion Week.

The dyer is a victim of her popularity. I'm running out of time so for now it's easier not to do a lot of tailoring, sewing, stockings that are already knitted by someone else than me. I make scarves, I make cushions, I make silk pillowcases which are very popular, explains Ms. Dion.

For her, flowers and plants are exceptional and even ecological dyes.

“We must not forget how commercial dyeing is so chemical, it is so toxic. It is one of the biggest water polluters. Yes, I do it a lot for fun too because I like doing it, but at the same time, the ecological side is super important also because it's crazy what we gain from doing it that way. »

— Marie-Eve Dion, owner of Marie-les-bains

According to the report by Jean Arel

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