Vegetarian meat substitutes is considered a threat to health

Australian scientists have made a statement that vegetarian meat substitutes are hazardous to health. Damage is the high content of fat, sugar and salt.

Вегетарианские заменители мяса признаны опасными для здоровья

It is noted that, in General, concerns about the harm such products confirm previous findings about the negative effects of meat substitutes on the human body. The danger is that such food is subject to considerable processing by adding a large amount of salt. Only one serving dishes contains 50% of normal its use, for example, in sausages and burgers.

In addition, vegetarian meat substitutes contain large amounts of fat and sugar. The findings of scientists made on the basis of a study of more than 500 similar products. The highest excess of salt occurs in vegetable bacon (per 100 grams of food products — 2 grams). This includes appropriate sausages and falafel.

I should add, Russian consumers are not yet the preference for such foods, but in Australia more than 2.5 million people affected by the trends that recognized threat.

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