Venice Film Festival 2022. Movies about how people eat each other


    Venice Film Festival 2022. Films about how people eat each other

    The Venice Film Forum, which will be held from August 31 to September 10, has announced the screening program: you won't be bored.

    The Venice Film Festival always shows films that do not fit into the clichés, on the verge of insanity. Focus chose the brightest tapes – they are about the most difficult family and love collisions. About how people eat each other – figuratively or literally – there is a tape in the festival program … about cannibals in love.

    But all the pictures are about the unpredictable consequences that fathers leave their families. The film about abandoned twins by Ukrainian director Antonio Lukich “Luxembourg, Luxembourg”, the author of the best Ukrainian film of 2020 “My Thoughts Are Quiet” fits perfectly into this competitive rank.

    Venice Film Festival: what's on the program

    < p>The forum will be opened by the satirical tragicomedy of the American Noah Baumbach “White Noise”. The protagonist is a Hitlerologist professor Jack, played by Adam Driver (“The Last Duel”). He has a secret: while studying Hitler, he was too lazy to learn German. His friend, an elvisologist, does not have such a problem. Jack has been divorced and remarried many times. After five marriages, he has four children from different wives. Together with his “current” wife Babette (Greta Gerwig), they are maniacally afraid of death and often wonder: which of them will die first? Their neighbor invented the drug Dilar, which can relieve the fear of death. Babette, in order to get dilar, started an affair with its creator, which terribly angered the professor – a mortal threat hung over the inventor …

    This insanely satirical creation is funded by Netflix.

    No less intricate Italian-American director Luca Guadagnino's romantic horror dystopia “Entirely and Completely”. The plot revolves around two young people (Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Russell) who live during the collapse of society. The main character is Maren, an abandoned girl in her teens, who went on a journey across the country to find her father. With the help of a parent, she hopes to understand why she constantly wants to kill and eat people with whom she develops a strong emotional connection. On the way, a young ogre, Li, joins Maren. Young people begin to fall in love, but the stronger the feeling arises, the more they want to eat each other. What to do?

    Famous American director Darren Aronofsky (“Requiem for a Dream”) presented the drama “The Whale”– about a man suffering from obesity (he weighs 270 kg), and his complicated relationship with his daughter. The unrecognizable Brendan Fraser (The Mummy Returns) stars as his daughter, while Stranger Things star Sadie Sink plays his daughter. . Because of the pain of losing a partner and guilt towards the family, Charlie began to overeat and gained incredible weight. The 17-year-old daughter is angry with her father, but he makes more and more attempts to establish contact with her.

    For Fraser, whose popularity came in the 1990s-2000s, this is a return to the big screen in the title role. Aronofsky returned Mickey Rourke to the cinematic system with his “Wrestler” (2008) – perhaps history will repeat itself with Fraser.

    French playwright, and now “Oscar-winning” director Florian Zeller will show the following in the competition behind his acclaimed “Father” film, again based on his own play – “Son”. Performers include Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern. And, of course, Anthony Hopkins, who received a statuette for the title role in “Father”.

    At the center of events is a man named Peter, who lives with his new wife and their young child. However, his ex-wife appears and asks him to take care of their teenage son Nicolas: he skips school and behaves impudently. Peter decides to take Nicolas in with him, which leads to even more disastrous consequences: Nicolas is a skilled manipulator.

    “Luxembourg, Luxembourg”. How a Ukrainian film about abandoned twins fit into the fabric of the Venice Film Festival 2022

    also fits perfectly into the theme of fatherlessnessa new film “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” by a young and talented Ukrainian director Antonio Lukich (Focus wrote a lot about his film “My thoughts are quiet”) – he participates with it in the competition program “Horizons”.

    Opposite in character twin brothers learn that their father, who abandoned them in childhood, is dying in distant Luxembourg. One of the brothers decides to go to his father, while the other does everything possible to prevent his brother from leaving Ukraine (the events take place before the Ukrainian-Russian war). One of them is a policeman, the other is a minibus driver; one tends to order, the other arranges chaos; one sincerely wants to restore relations with his father, the other is not enthusiastic about this idea. Lukic admitted in an interview that he “took” these twins from himself – they are like two halves of his soul, which first materialized in the script, and then on the screen.

    Judging by the teaser, Antonio Lukic from those directors who can whistle a kettle on the stove or just jump just above the gate to make an event.


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