Venom 2 saved post-pandemic cinema and Sony boss says so


According to Sony's boss, Top Gun: Maverick couldn't have been so hugely successful if Venom: Let There Be Carnage didn't hadn't been there before him.

Inevitably,the pandemic has had a strong impact on cinema and cinemaswhich, in addition to having been forced to close their doors several times and for several weeks, are still paying the consequences, since cinema attendance is still very far from pre-Covid scores. Despite the diversity of the offer proposed by the cinemas, the mode of consumption of the spectators has changed. Indeed, during these last two years without cinema (or almost), streaming platforms have logically stolen spectators from cinemas.

But recently, < strong>figures have restored hope and faith in humanity, for those who still manage to get some. Because you can always count on the big franchises and Marvel movies to bring in a lot of viewers, the successes of the latest blockbusters are impressive and could almost make you forget these two years of trouble. If anyone thought that Spider-Man: No Way Home and its $1.9 billion worldwide haul was the most impactful hit since the pandemic (and the third most most profitable of all time in the United Statesand sixth in the world, excluding inflation), Sony bosses disagree.

If cinema seems to be getting better and better, despite some surprises like the commercial failure of The Northman< /strong> or The Crimes of the Future (and that of Morbius too, but this one was already expected a little more), it should be noted that Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to Tony Scott's film, is enjoying unprecedented success for its star Tom Cruise. Sanford Panitch and Josh Greenstein, the two presidents of Sony, in any case believe that the success of the film is partly due to their audacity in terms of releases, as they revealed to Vulture magazine in evoking Venom 2:

Josh Greenstein: “When we started releasing movies last October, there really weren't any other big movies on the market. Everyone had pushed their big movies to the next year, so to this summer of 2022. Release Venom 2 in theaters was a huge bet that we repeated with Ghostbusters. Then we released Spider-Man, our biggest and most important franchise, when all the other blockbusters had changed dates.”

Sanford Panitch: “Right now, everyone is praising Top Gun as the movie that kickstarted the movie economy. But oddly, I think Top Gun is taking advantage of our audacity. If Top Gun manages to reach those scores , it's thanks to Venom. These things don't happen all at once, it's a whole process.”

The two men are right to point out that some Sony films were released just after the reopening of theaters in the United States, in October 2021 for Venom : Let There Be Carnage, and in December 2021 forGhostbusters: Legacy and Spider-Man: No Way Home. But Sony is not the only major to have risked failure by releasing films at this time, since in July 2021 came out Black Widow, then The Suicide Squad > in August, or Dune and Die Can Wait in October (in the United States). We could even consider Warner to be the true suicide bomber of the pandemic, if only with the release of Tenet in the summer of 2020.

The place of Venom 2 in the success of Top Gun 2 remains to be proven and even if this statement may make you smile, we smile even more comparing the scores of the two films: 506.8 million dollars collected for the sequel of the film with Tom Hardy against 1.2 billion dollars collected (for the moment) for the return of Tom Cruise in Maverick.


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