Vera Brezhnev risks undermining health preventive droppers

Vera Brezhnev became interested in preventive medicine droppers. Nutritionist Ekaterina Krivtsova believes that the singer is risking their health.

Вера Брежнева рискует подорвать здоровье профилактическими капельницами

Recently, Brezhnev said that puts vitamin dropper for prevention. Health problems the artist is not, but she decided to popular among the stars of the course to the winter not to get sick and stay energetic.

Vitamin drips do help patients and are considered harmless. In fact, they have a number of side effects, including damage to internal organs. On the first day of admission high-dose vitamin C causes increased emotional activity. Subsequently, the drug may cause the appearance of serious violations – first, the kidneys cease to function properly, and behind them begin to take all systems of the body.

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