Vera Polozkova and the Atlantic Antic festival: how to spend a weekend in New York (September 30 – October 2)

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Vera Polozkova and the Atlantic Antic Festival: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (September 30 - 2 October)

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What: A photo exhibition about the war

When: Friday-Sunday, September 30 – October 2

Where: Harriman Institute Atrium 420 W 118th St, 12th Floor New York, NY 10027

More:War does not knock at your door asking if she can enter. It does not warn you of what will happen to your life, your family, your community, your city, or your country. He will not tell you what your future will be. It destroys and takes everything from you without warning. In return, you have only one thing left – the opportunity to fight back.

The Ukrainians decided to fight back. Since February 24, 2022, millions of Ukrainians have been resisting Russia's invasion of their country. Some of them rushed to the front line, stretching for hundreds of kilometers, while others decided to use their skills to help the country resist. This exhibition testifies to the sacrifices Ukrainians make and the devastating impact of the war on the lives of Ukrainian communities across the country.

Sasha Maslov is a Ukrainian-American portrait photographer and storyteller based in New York City. His works have been exhibited in various photo galleries and art spaces in Europe and the USA. Sasha, a regular contributor to a number of magazines and leading publications in New York and around the world, is actively developing his documentary projects.

Price: Free

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What: Dance Festival

When:Friday-Sunday, September 30 – October 2

Where: New York City Center, 131 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

More: Already The 19th season of the annual Autumn for Dance Festival captures the beating heart of the contemporary dance scene. Participants from France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine will show their unique performances. In addition, guests will see the debut of the Kyiv City Ballet in New York.

Price: $20


What :Vera Polozkova in New York

Vera Polozkova and the Atlantic Festival Antic: how to spend a weekend in New York (September 30 - October 2)

Photo: IStock

When: Friday, September 30 at 7:30 pm

Where: Oceana Theater 1029 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Read more:Vera Polozkova and Alexander Manotskov will perform for the first time in New York with the program Hand Luggage. Poems and songs.

Vera Polozkova is one of the most recognizable and successful Russian poets. Her poetic readings – accurate, vivid, poignant – gather thousands of halls around the world. Vera's performances are always an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

Alexander Manotskov is a composer from St. Petersburg who works in many genres and for various ensembles: from solo musicians to symphony orchestras. He collaborates with theater directors, writes music for films and TV series.

Part of the funds raised will be donated as humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Price: From $65< /p>


What: Concert of the group “Without borders”

When:< /b> Friday, September 30th at 8pm

Where: Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

< b>More details: For the first time, the band “Bez obmezhen” is touring the USA with the “Free People” tour in support of Ukraine.

“Without borders” are famous Ukrainian rock romantics who have won many hearts with their sincerity and frankness. Each performance of the group is an insane flow of energy and emotions that are difficult to describe in words. From the first chords, they turn on the audience and do not let it go until the end of the performance.

From the very beginning of the war, the team has been volunteering and giving concerts to the military and residents of cities liberated from occupation. Now the group has embarked on a charity tour “Free People” with the aim of telling the world about what is happening in Ukraine.

Part of the funds raised during the tour will be sent by artists and organizers to support Ukrainians affected by the war.


Cost: $88


What: Sex Expo< /p>

When: Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2

Where:Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

More:Featuring contemporary leaders in intimate and romantic life, Sex Expo will provide a crash course in understanding modern relationships. Sex Expo will showcase the best sex ideas and products with the best experts to help you choose what's right for you. The Sex Expo exhibition area will allow you to immerse yourself in today's best-selling products with product demonstrations and special events.

Price: $0-30

 < /p>

What: Atlantic Antic Festival

When: Sunday, October 2, from 12:00

Where: Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

More: Atlantic Antic is the largest and oldest street festival in Brooklyn. Hundreds of vendors will line Atlantic Avenue selling ethnic goods, art and handicrafts from around the world. A sea of ​​music and non-stop entertainment awaits you.

Price: Free


What: Online tour of the van Gogh collection

Vera Polozkova and the Atlantic Antic festival: how to spend a weekend in New York (September 30 - October 2)

Photo: IStock

When: Sunday, October 2, from 15:00

Where: Online

More:The Metropolitan Museum of Art has the best collection of Impressionist works outside of France (second only to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris). The Museum has 18 paintings by Vincent van Gogh, the largest collection outside of Europe, as well as several other works, including drawings and watercolors. Learn about Vincent's fascinating life and career in this amazing collection.

Price: $0-5


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