Verka Serduchka said goodbye to Russia at a concert in Amsterdam


    Verka Serduchka said goodbye to Russia at a concert in Amsterdam

    The artist performed his hit from Eurovision with the words “Russia goodbye”. “Now it's the only way,” the artist said

    On June 21, Amsterdam hosted a large-scale event in support of Ukraine – the Embrace Ukraine charity telethon – #StrivingTogether. And one of the invited stars was Verka Serduchka – out of character: Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko. This is reported by TV Channel 1+1.

    Danilko performed his hit Lasha tumbai, which brought him an honorable second place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

    When this track just sounded, a terrible scandal arose in Russia – the local critics assured that this was an insult and the words “rush goodbye” (farewell to Russia) sounded in the song, although in fact there were the words of Lasha Tumbai, which Danilko confirmed by publishing the official lyrics of the song .

    But after the invasion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the artist assured that now there will be no allegories in the song and only farewell to the Russian Federation will sound there,

    “Guys, since February 24, no “Lasha tumbai” in this song … only “rush, goodbye”. I did not sing this. You wanted to hear it – now you heard it, “Danilko said and turned the plans into reality.

    So, Amsterdam became the first concert venue where Serduchka said farewell to Russia. The audience reacted enthusiastically to the changes in the text.

    Katya Osadchaya and Timur Miroshnichenko became the hosts of the marathon.

    “We must remind you that the war continues, and you can't just close your eyes to it,” said Katerina Osadchaya.

    Andriy Danilko himself has not left Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He often turned on online and told which of the Russian stars called him after the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces. It turned out that no one. The artist received words of support only from Nino Katamadze and Laima Vaikule.